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bishomania's Journal

Bishonen-Bishojo Stalkers Unite
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All Members , Moderated

^_^ Do you have an [unhealthy] obsession with bishonen/bishojo? Well, if so, you’ve come to the right place! At this little community, you can do three things:

1. Claim a bishonen/bishojo!
2. Gush nonsensically about your favourite bish!
3. Post any randomness about them!

Which is always fun, ehh? Yesh, dedicated to the stalkerish obsessions of fangirls/boys everywhere, we’re here to serve you. But not in a kinky way... most of the time. ^_~

1. If you’re going to make a claim, please post it in the journal, not in a comment or email, otherwise we can’t guarantee you’ll get it. :| Please check the Claims List before you make a claim, as well as the most recent claims in the journal since an update post by onebadangel. That ensures that you know someone hasn't been claimed, whether or not the list has been updated recently!

2. Moderators get four claims (because they're greedy) and everyone else gets two! You can gain more claims via contests and such, plus you’ll get one claim for every two people you refer. Of course, that only applies if the people you refer actually make it clear that you sent them... ^^ If you think you've qualified for an extra claim through referrals, make a new post in the community with evidence showing that, and you'll get it.

3. Please be nice! Flaming and general nastiness will not be tolerated. You’ll get one warning, then you’re out! This is a community for fangirly/boyish ranting and rambling, not anger and whatnot. So just have fun.

4. Once you’ve claimed someone, they’re yours and yours alone! You can trade a claim if you really want to but nobody else can claim what’s yours, unless you've expressly said you don't want that claim anymore for whatever reasons. Each bishonen/bishojo can only be claimed once. However, I will allow claims to go for book/movie characters, as I'm counting them as separate. If someone has a male/female half, at the moment that is two claims also, though I may change that sometime in the future. *shrug*

5. You can claim any person from... anything really. XD Yup, anything goes right now, however obscure and strange it may be. I am counting characters from books and movies as different so, for example, if book Frodo is claimed, you can still claim movie Frodo!

6. You can advertise other communities in the journal but please don’t double-post or leave as soon as you’ve done your plugging. Feel free to advertise this community also... we love publicity. *cackle*

7. Have fun! Talking endlessly about your favourite people should be enjoyable, ne? Feel free to post any art, fiction and the likes in the journal. Ah, but if it’s especially big, please use the lj-cut tag. Thanks! ^_^

8. IMPORTANT! When making your claim, please please PLEASE say where it's from! Whether it's an anime character, a singer or something else, please make it clear. I'm not psychic - putting just their name does not help me when I sort your claim into its section so just put where it's from and I'll be happy.

Moderator: onebadangel
Second-in-command: liquid_bullet

If you need to contact the moderators for any reason, you can comment in their journals or send an email to onebadangel! You can also make a new post in the community if you want to, with your question or whatever.

You'll have a better chance of getting a reply by going through onebadangel, as liquid_bullet has a crappy internet connection. Boo. So journal or email for a nice, hopefully quick, reply.